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GastronomIA - Empowering gastronomy with the aid of Artificial Intelligence

Elevate your culinary experience with GastronomIA—an innovative application powered by AI, seamlessly crafting menus, automating orders, optimizing workforce, and promoting sustainability. Our application offers cutting-edge tools for efficient staff scheduling, inventive menu planning, and significant reduction in food waste. Join the future of gastronomy with GastronomIA and elevate your culinary business to new heights.


Discover some of our features
Menu Generation

Elevate your culinary experience with our AI-guided menu generation feature. Let artificial intelligence inspire and guide you in creating unique and enticing menus tailored to your preferences.
Order Management

Streamline your operations with our automated order management system. Effortlessly handle orders, from their placement to fulfillment, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow for your restaurant.
Time Sheet Management

Take control of your workforce with our time management and scheduling tool. Efficiently manage staff hours, create schedules, and optimize workforce planning for a well-organized and productive team.
Monitoring Tool

Enhance your financial performance and minimize waste with our monitoring tool. Keep a close eye on costs in real-time, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

The art of Food

Create extraordinary menu concepts and captivating visuals to delight your customers.
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Elevate gastronomy to new heights

Streamline your restaurant operations with a single management tool

Explore a range of features and experience a user-friendly tool catering to your daily requirements.
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